networking events

We will be hosting events for students to be able to network with professionals from the industry on a bi-monthly basis. With oppourtunities for students to be able to share their achievements and research with industry experts.

Document Sharing

coming soon...

We will be launching a document sharing platform that's part of our website for students to share their useful documents about courses they've taken at uOttawa.

Membership Benefits

Ontop of having access to our events as a member, you will gain access to speacial discounts and offers that are custom made with our partners both online and in town. So your membership will be rewarding!

about usCSME

We are a student run chapter that aims to enhance undergraduate and graduate students transition from high school to University, whilst aiding Undergraduates to transition into their Masters studies.

Our second vision is to help out engineering student started clubs. We will be attending meeting hosted by CSME to represent University of Ottawa to the outside world.



  • management
  • design
  • projects
  • inspiration

We contribute in many educational events in which everyone can learn about engineering applications. Most importantly, we aim for our engineering students to represent the University of Ottawa nationally and internationally through research, capstone/design projects, and conferences.

We would like to thank our sponsors for their continuous support!

Interested in more?CSME

Feel free to click the button below to send us a message, whether you're interested in sponsoring us or simply have a few questions that need to be answered!