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Our main objective is to integrate hands-on experience for engineering students, as well as to enable networking between students and academia, industry professionals, and researchers. Our members provide support that range from helping students run clubs and contribute to research to helping ease the transition from university to the real world.

We contribute in many educational events in which everyone can learn about engineering applications. Most importantly, we aim for our engineering students to represent the University of Ottawa nationally and internationally through research, capstone/design projects, and conferences.

about usCSME

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The Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering uOttawa student chapter began its journey a year and a half ago. The chapter is mainly composed of Science and Engineering students that represent the CSME values, but the organization is planning to reach out to other faculties.

Our vision is to enhance undergraduate and graduate students transitions from high school to university and transition from undergraduate studies to masters studies. Our second vision is to help out engineering student started clubs. We will be attending meeting hosted by CSME to represent University of Ottawa to the outside world.

We've hosted various events including, Greening Curriculum Campus Community. That event’s purpose was to educate students about green engineering. More pictures can be seen below. Moreover, we sponsored three capstone projects last summer to compete at the CSME National Design Competition and to attend the CSME International Congress Conference.

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